Environmental Planning

Balanced environmental solutions

Bligh Tanner has the unique capacity to deliver effective, balanced solutions that address both development objectives and sustainability issues.

Developing better planning and environmental solutions that produce win-win outcomes has been a driving force for Bligh Tanner from day one. From approvals through to design, construction and commissioning, we have played a key role in many innovative developments, achieving new benchmarks and technical advances. We have worked closely with government agencies in developing guidelines and policies in the areas of integrated water management, water sensitive design, stormwater harvesting and operational works. The firm is helping both private and public developments set new standards in environmental excellence and infrastructure provision.

Bligh Tanner’s unique skills in environmental planning at work:

  • Flood & drainage studies & infrastructure planning
  • Integrated water management & water sensitive urban design (WSUD)
  • Complex development approvals & applications advice
  • Policy & planning advice
  • Facilitation, training & capacity building
  • Climate change adaptation & mitigation strategies
  • National parks & open space planning
  • Expert opinions